Boise Beer Mile
Boise, ID

Conditions: Perfect

created by user jrguenth

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.Forrest "GO FORREST" Braden  5:56.0  M22Miller Genuine Draft, from can  Wore the bib number from USA Nationals
2.Emil Magallanes  6:47.0  M49Dechutes Cinder red ale, from bottle  Greater Boise Runnin Club
3.Marky "Pulsating" Gaspy  7:39.0  M30Coors Original, from can  Boise Hash House Harriers
4. Joe "Gobblin" G   9:06.0  M29Pabst Blue Ribbon, from can  Yes, frosted flakes can come out your nose
5. Brian "Lyle Fasttuck" B   9:20.0  M33black butte porter, from bottle  Boise Hash House Harriers
6. Ted   10:07.0  MBudweiser, from can  Ted.
7.Ethan "Jiffy Pop a Boner" Savage  11:14.0  M32Budweiser, from can  Boise Hash House Harriers
8.Amanda "Tawttoooie" Deshazo  11:58.0  F26Pabst Blue Ribbon, from can  First woman Hasher
9.Rick "Puppy Love" Squires  15:40.0  M47Budweiser, from can  Ran the last lap without his pants
10.Cori "All oiled up" Park  22:09.0  F30Coors Light, from can  Coors what? Illegal.
11. Trisha "Brittney Beers"   23:38.0  F29Budweiser, from can  Weighs 85 pounds soaking wet.
12.Ahmad "Babble on" Rezaii  29:28.0  M25Budweiser, from can  Drinking the tall boys
13.Amy Gibson  DNF  FPabst Blue Ribbon  Couldn't drink four beers
14. Val   DNF  FPabst Blue Ribbon  Another wuss would couldn't drink four beers
15.Ruth "RFB" Larson  DNF  Fcorona  Booted in the infield

Race Notes:

Forret Braden 5:56 (22) and Emil Magallanes 6:47 (age 49yrs 11months) had some impressive runs on saturday night. This event was videotaped and official, Forrest drank the MGD and Emil was Deschutes Cinder Cone red ale, 5.8%. Forrests last lap was a 58 second post beer effort.

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