7th Annual Gemini Beer Mile
Vancouver, BC

Conditions: Overcast

created by user tskinner1

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.Andrew Tuovinen  6:23.0  MGranville Lager, from can  
2. Paul Purin   6:46.0  MFrom can  
3.Sparky Wickstead  7:00.0  M34Okanagan Spring Pale Ale, from can  
4. Nathan Barrett   7:36.0  M24Okanagan Spring Pale Ale, from can  
5. Greg Egan   7:54.0  M21Old Milwakee, from can  
6.Andrew Winter  8:15.0  M19Granville Honey Lager, from can  
7.Jamie Sorrensen  8:22.0  M21Canadian, from can  
8. Sean Clark   8:43.0  MFrom can  Puke!
9. Tom Skinner   9:14.0  M19Granville Honey Lager, from can  
10.Elliot Holthar  9:56.0  M21Pilsner, from can  
11. Troy "Tron" Barrie   10:40.0  M21Okanagan Spring Pale Ale, from can  
12. Davey Mitchell   10:40.0  M21Canadian, from can  Puke!
13. John MacRae   10:55.0  M19Canadian, from can  
14.Nate Wood  11:14.0  M24Granville Honey Lager, from can  Puke
15. Brian Poole   11:38.0  M20Kokanee, from can  
16.Dominique Fricot  12:37.0  F21Kokanee, from can  Puke x2
17. Julie Balderston   12:38.0  F24Canadian, from can  
18. Graham Harris   13:12.0  M21Shaftsburry, from can  
19.Chung Cheung  13:43.0  M33Miller Genuine Draft, from can  
20.Anthony Epp  14:34.0  M31Sleeman's Honey Lager, from can  
21.Paul Lebel  15:01.0  M21Budweiser, from can  
22.James Brinnen  15:07.0  MGranville Honey Lager, from can  
23.Brandon Kennedy  15:33.0  M28Granville Honey Lager, from can  
24. Remington Buyer   16:32.0  M22From can  Puke!
25. Peter Cross   18:50.0  M19From can  
26. Megan Wolfe   DNF  F21Pilsner, from can  
27.Megan Moore  DNF  F22  
28.Tony Einfeldt  DNF  M19Kokanee, from can  
29.Peter Radford  DNF  M19Kokanee, from can  
30.Steve Mattucci  DNF  M20Kokanee, from can  
31. Dan Turner   DNF  M21Kokanee, from can  

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