2005 UofR Cougar Track and Field Beer Mile
Regina, SK

Conditions: Cloudy, 0 Degrees , with a cold strong wind

created by user Reginatrack

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.Lyndon "Lando Cal" Knutson  8:27.0  M19Kokanee, from can  New Cougar Record
2.Sid "The Golden Boy" Kitchen  8:34.0  M17Canadian, from can  
3.Jacob Brizinski  9:11.0  M18Kokanee, from can  
4.Scottie "2 Hottie" Mitchell  13:01.0  M19Kokanee, from can  Had a puke lap
5.Kimberly Marshall  13:36.0  F216.0 Cold Shots, from can  
6.Ese Omene  14:32.0  F20Beer, from can  Had a puke lap
7.Wade Huber  14:34.0  M20Western Pilsner, from can  
8.Sherri Bourgon  15:07.0  F186.0 Cold Shots, from can  
9.Robyn Bauck  18:34.0  F186.0 Cold Shots, from can  
10. Sandy Bain   18:47.0  M22Beer, from can  
11.Benjamin Matheson  18:47.0  M22Western Pilsner, from can  
12.Leslie Andersen  22:06.0  M18Kokanee, from can  
13.Chris Frisk  22:08.0  M18Kokanee, from can  

Race Notes:

The race began at 5:16pm on Friday November 18th 2005. The track was just mud, slush and snow at the time of race. We had a some what strong wind blowing from the north west, but the runners were ready to go.
Note: The girls drank 6.0 cold shot, less liquid more alcohol

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