2nd Annual Dave Smart Beer Mile
Victoria, BC

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created by user robinsmart

NameTimeSex Beer Notes
1. Jim Finlayson   5:13.0  MGuinness, from bottle  
2. Stefan Jakobsen   6:08.0  MFrom can  
3.John Loewen  6:09.0  MFrom can  
4.Todd Howard  6:24.0  MFrom can  
5. Tony Yue   7:05.0  MFrom can  
6. Nathaniel Vaandering   7:08.0  MFrom can  
7. Jason Sandquist   7:26.0  MFrom can  
8. Normon Thibault   7:29.0  MFrom can  
9. Gary Croome   7:39.0  MFrom can  
10. Peter Stevenson   8:21.0  MFrom can  
11.John Siewertsen  8:57.0  MFrom can  
12. Mike Walsh   9:37.0  MFrom can  
13. Donald Peterson   9:38.0  MFrom can  
14. Bryan Valdal   10:22.0  MFrom can  
15. Brian Fardoe   10:29.0  MFrom can  
16.Dan Frey  11:07.0  MFrom can  
17. Rauvy Dalep   12:15.0  MFrom can  
18. Kelvin Yeung   12:25.0  MFrom can  
19.Iron Girl  12:33.0  FFrom can  
20. Roy Clark   12:49.0  MFrom can  

Race Notes:

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Dave Smart Beer Mile! This year's race has the potential to far exceed last year's in terms of the number of participants.

When: Tuesday, Dec 20th
Where: Oak Bay Track
Registration: 6:30 pm
Race Start: 7:30 pm

For details, please visit www.thesmartfoundation.ca

We hope to see you there!

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