5th Annual West Chester, PA Beer Mile
West Chester, PA

Conditions: Low 30's

created by user smartyjones

NameTimeSex Beer Notes
1. Jay Zubey   7:45.0  MYuengling, from can  New WC Hall of Fame Member
2. John Loughin   7:52.0  MYuengling, from can  WC Clydesdale Record Holder with 7:07
3. Dave Keefe   8:04.0  MYuengling, from can  Current WC
4. Sonny Rutkowski   8:13.0  MYuengling, from can  2004 Champ and WC Hall of Fame Member
5. Rob Jones   8:30.0  MYuengling, from can  Beer Mile Veteran with a 7:42 PR
6. Alex Proctor   8:48.0  MYuengling, from can  Virgin Performance
7. Ryan Phillips   9:14.0  MYuengling, from can  2003 Beer Mile Champ & WC Hame of Fame Member
8. Brian Johnson   9:20.0  MYuengling, from can  Virgin Performance
9.Joel Kelly  9:24.0  MYuengling, from can  Virgin Performance
10.Andy Gadeletto  9:26.0  MYuengling, from can  Virgin Performance
11.Megan Fritchran  9:28.0  FYuengling, from can  Top Female
12. Scott Burns   9:36.0  MYuengling, from can  WC Alumni - soft performance
13. Scott Purcell   9:44.0  MYuengling, from can  WC Alumni - soft performance
14.Nick Wood  9:51.0  MYuengling, from can  Didn't like the Yuengling
15.Kelly Peck  10:36.0  FYuengling, from can  Newcomer with promise

Race Notes:

Frozen track with ice ~ horrible conditions

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