Otis SAJAC Memorial DMR
San Diego, CA

Conditions: night... foggy

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created by user originalbonzer

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. AJ "The Big Nasty" Acosta   5:58.0  M17Coors, from can  went through 800 in 235
2.Matt "Shags" Shaunghessy  6:53.0  M18Coors, from can  
3.Dan "Manchild" Marraca  9:15.0  M18Coors, from can  
4.Dave "Naked Dave" Lusby  10:29.0  M19Coors, from can  
5.Pat "Hooligan" Harrington  10:34.0  M17Coors, from can  
6.Mike Spitz  DNF  M19Coors, from can  

Race Notes:

Originally was going to be aDMR, but cops broke up the race before it got started. Most bailed after that, but the 6 remaining runners decided to do a beer mile.

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