Buck-a-Finger Beermile 2012
Winnipeg, MB

Conditions: cloudy with a chance of meatballs - possible thunder

created by user dinostyle

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Dean "The Dune" Leung   DNF  M41budweiser, from can  The man with a 1000 names
2.Bain "Nigel" Giesbrecht  DNF  M29kokanee, from can  I'm doing this for Sean's mom
3.Sean "Sentes" Kirady  DNF  M36kokanee, from can  I'm doing this for my mom
4.Joel "Gareth" Prejet  DNF  M33budweiser, from can  What??!!
5.Alana "2 minutes" Fast  DNF  F27budweiser, from can  Meat Lover
6.Justin "Bieber - fake titi luv" Beaulieu  DNF  M21kokanee, from can  Baby, baby, baby ohhhhh
7.Ryan "Flying" Jones  DNF  M28  Fallen Founding Father
8.Kam "Punjabi Squishee" Rukrha  DNF  Mkokanee, from can  
9.Andre "Dr Dre" Laplume  DNF  M34Budweiser, from can  The Feather is appropriate

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