2012 Edmonton Beer Mile
Edmonton, AB

Conditions: Partly cloudy, 5C

created by user DaveMCBrown

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.Donovan Hacking  6:22.0  M20Molson, from can  
2. Shawn Muldrew   6:22.0  M47Moosehead, from bottle  
3.Paul Tichelaar  7:02.0  M30Moosehead, from bottle  
4. Graeme Law   7:48.0  M21Grasshopper, from can  
5. Andrew MacDonald   7:51.0  M19Molson, from can  
6.Joshua Crabbe  7:54.0  M26Kokanee, from can  
7.Dylan Hackenbrooke  8:24.0  M26Alley Kat, from bottle  
8. Harry Moore   8:33.0  M23Moosehead, from bottle  
9.Danny Purdy  8:33.0  M24Mill St., from bottle  
10.Chris Buffi  8:57.0  M26Papst, from can  
11.Andrew Merrell  9:05.0  M25Moosehead, from can  
12.Anthony Kennedy  9:06.0  M19Kokanee, from can  
13.Kerry Spearing  9:19.0  F24Moosehead, from can  
14.Joey Zapernick  9:24.0  M20Asahi, from bottle  
15. Garret Gerke   10:10.0  M22Grasshopper, from can  
16.Mitchell Home  10:15.0  M20Molson, from can  
17.Travis McKay  10:23.0  M26Brewhouse Pilsner, from can  
18.Micah Medinski  11:07.0  M18Corona, from bottle  
19.Carlos Leiva  11:08.0  M26Moosehead, from can  
20.Alana Soderburg  11:09.0  F211664 Blanc, from bottle  
21.Alicia Sykes  11:50.0  F23Lucky, from can  
22.David Falk  11:51.0  M23Molson, from can  
23.Dominic Rankel  11:58.0  M19Pilsner, from can  
24.Cody Carver  12:28.0  M23Moosehead, from can  
25.Brendan Robertson  12:29.0  M22Budweiser, from can  
26.Jeffrey Heinrichs  12:47.0  M23Kokanee, from can  
27. Brett Paulitsch   13:20.0  M21Corona, from bottle  
28. Joel Lauzon   13:52.0  M23Keiths Red, from can  
29.Simron Gill  15:20.0  M20Asahi, from bottle  
30.Brandon Basterach  15:21.0  M21Corona, from bottle  
31.Jeremy Kutulka  16:42.0  M23Kirin, from bottle  
32.John Rutledge  17:38.0  M19Sleeman, from bottle  
33.Leanne Hildenbrandt  19:26.0  F24Moosehead, from bottle  
34.Brett Hart  19:39.0  M23Cooler, from bottle  DQ'd- cooler
35.Katelyn Bukieda  19:43.0  F24Budweiser, from can  

Race Notes:

After singing the national anthem 38 people took part in the 2012 Edmonton Beer Mile. Out of seemingly no where the young Donovan Hacking took an early lead and controlled the majority of the 4 lap race. Over 30seconds later Wineman champion Shawn Muldrew took 2nd place, and Olympic triathlete Paul Tichlaar took 3rd. Spectators enjoyed the unique costumes worn by many of the racers and got to see what a lot of them ate before the race.

Big thanks to our #1 (and only) sponsor Running Room for the race numbers!

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