4th Annual FFKICBMC
Undisclosed Location, Rhode Island

Conditions: rained just before race

created by user kjgarl

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.Craig Manning  7:17.0  M35Budweiser, from bottle  
2. Fred "Fast Freddy" Kirk   7:42.0  M49Budweiser, from bottle  Freddy finally doesn't win his Invitational
3.Sam "Big Sammy" Voolich  9:17.0  M37  
4. Dave "Old guy timing" Wells   10:15.0  M46  
5. Peter "Dr Who" Gill   10:46.0  M54  
6. Jeff "JD Fatboy" Durso-Finley   11:18.0  M42  
7. Ron "King Clyde" Cavage   11:21.0  M47  
8. Patricia French   12:41.0  F46  
9. Jon "Rain man" Paull   12:55.0  M31  loves getting beat by a woman
10. Greg "Phat Ernie" Ernst   13:48.0  M51  happy not to come in last
11.Eleni   15:07.0  F  who was she??

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