Queen's University Beer Mile 2006
Kingston, ON

Conditions: Blizzard, tough outing

created by user Cummings

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Rob "Champ" Kitz   7:39.0  M20Keith's, from can  Took it on the last lap
2. Chris "Lightweight" Hartman   7:41.0  M21Lonestar, from can  Lost it on the last lap
3.Braden "I'm Trashed" Novakowski  10:23.0  M20Lucky, from can  Good mile form
4. Jared "The Bear" Thomson   10:33.0  M21Steeler, from can  Just out of the medals
5.Shawn "Pussy" Bowen  10:45.0  M21Lakeport, from can  Drunk nurse
6. Chris "Slut" Brens   12:12.0  M20Lucky, from can  Puked
7. Ashley "Ashbash" Perry   13:13.0  M23Lonestar, from can  What a gay nickname
8. Travis "Governor of Givin'er" Cummings   15:34.0  M21Lucky, from can  Terrible race, couldn't hold her down
9.Celia "Upchuck" Peters  17:05.0  F18Canadian, from can  Top female, puked upon finish
10.Laura "Fast" Andrighetti  17:21.0  F21Canadian, from can  Good outing
11.Stephanie "Fabolous" King  DNF  FCanadian, from can  Hard outing
12.Nick "Sultan of Sway" Esterbauer  DNF  MBusch, from can  
13. Pierre "Stiks" Landry   DNF  MYankee Jim Honey Lager, from can  
14.Darryl "Rattlesnake" Blackport  DNF  MCanadian, from can  

Race Notes:

Ridiculous weather, Blizzard, tough slugging.

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