Sherbrooke Spring Beer-Off
Sherbrooke, PQ

Conditions: light rain, 8 degrees.

created by user fatfrank

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. JF "la roche" Gosselin   6:58.0  20Molson Ex, from can  
2. Phil Brazeau   8:16.0  23Budweiser, from can  projectile vomit maker guy
3. Steve "captain" Morin   11:23.0  24Heineken, from can  
4.Ren "polevaulter" Gauthier  12:04.0  24Heineken, from can  
5. Francois "fat frank" Menard-K   12:52.0  23Bowes Double Dry, from can  2:17 final 800m
6. Mariane "team spirit" Tr?panier   14:06.0  22Boris cool, from bottle  beer not regulatory
7. Gen Baril-G   14:19.0  22Boris cool, from bottle  beer not regulatory
8. James "dovi" Cadovius   18:57.0  21Bowes Double Dry, from can  58 sec bell lap
9. Max Lajoie   19:24.0  21Molson Ex, from can  

Race Notes:

Lots of no shows due to the rain. Great support from the fans though.

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