11th Annual B.S.D. Beer Mile
Calgary, AB

Conditions: Partly cloudy, 10 degrees celsius, wind west 28km/h, 29% humidity, 100.62kPa pressure

created by user njbkendr

NameTimeSex Beer Notes
1. Connal Robertson-More   7:05.0  M  PB
2. Jared Fletcher   7:09.0  M  PB
3. Matt Sinclair   7:29.0  M  Rookie
4. Cam Cotton-O'Brien   8:41.0  M  Rookie
5. Justin Kangarloo   8:52.0  M  Penalty lap
6. Mike Haws   9:24.0  M  PB
7. Jon Bird   10:31.0  M  Rookie
8.Greg Maidment  10:43.0  M  Rookie
9. Ian Ferguson   10:53.0  M  PB
10. Stewart Aune   11:12.0  M  Penalty lap; PB
11. Ryan Jewett   12:54.0  M  Rookie
12.Andrew Carruthers  12:58.0  M  Penalty lap; Rookie
13. Trent Ratzlaff   13:24.0  M  Penalty lap; Rookie
14. Kyle Hougen   16:05.0  M  Penalty lap; PB
15. Neil Austin   16:37.0  M  Penalty lap
16.Scott Simms  19:02.0  M  Penalty lap; Rookie
17. Adam Snow   19:03.0  M  Penalty lap; Rookie
18. Matt Cummings   20:57.0  M  
19.Ian Lumiere  23:12.0  M  Rookie
20. Josh Riker-Fox   DNF  M  
21.Nick Comeau  DNF  M  
22. Colin Pitman   DNF  M  

Race Notes:

A little windy, but a good day for a beer mile! The 11th annual version of this event saw 22 competitors toe the line, all male for the first time in a while. Connell and Justin finished their last beer at the same time, and were in for a race. Connell, after taking last year off, was looking to improve on his silver from two years ago. Justin, a mere four seconds behind Connell in 2004, was looking to repeat as B.S.D. champion. However, the pressure got to Justin and he lost control in the turn, forcing a penalty lap. Jared Fletcher, spotting the boys 150m on the last lap, tried his best to sprint from behind for the win, but ended up just four seconds short. Other notable performances included Jon "Big" Bird showing up with a letter shaved in his chest, Kyle Hougen starting his 4th lap as slow as I've ever seen someone "run", and Ian Lumiere, humiliated by being in last place, deciding to run his last lap naked. Not a pretty sight!

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