2006 G-Spot H3 Beer Mile
Greensboro, NC

Conditions: Hot and Sunny

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created by user scoobydoo0917

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.Rack'em and Sack 'em   7:25.0  M30Pabst Blue Ribbon, from keg  Fastest G-Spot Male time on Record
2. Ass Spelunker   9:30.0  M27Pabst Blue Ribbon, from keg  
3. Buck-a-Fuffalo   10:00.0  M31Pabst Blue Ribbon, from keg  
4.Scab Ass Rising   11:10.0  F35Michelob Ultra, from bottle  Fastest G-Spot Female time on Record
5. Goofy Style   12:23.0  M34Klassiek Lager, from bottle  
6. Smoov Operwator   12:29.0  M27Pabst Blue Ribbon, from keg  
7.LaTuFu   13:28.0  M37Pabst Blue Ribbon, from keg  
8. Uno Querro   13:34.0  M27Guinness Draught, from can  Team Guinness
9.Sextion 8   14:30.0  M27Pabst Blue Ribbon, from keg  
10.2 Ho's   14:52.0  M29Bud Light, from can  
11.FlipaFatOne   15:10.0  M32Shiner Bock, from bottle  
12.Aiken for Cock   15:20.0  M33Pabst Blue Ribbon, from keg  
13. Ear Shot   15:45.0  M31Coors Light, from can  
14. Bitchy Under the Influence   16:27.0  F24Pabst Blue Ribbon, from keg  
15.Gammy McProlase   17:56.0  M31Pabst Blue Ribbon, from keg  
16.Wing Whore   18:30.0  F24Bacardi Silver Strawberry, from bottle  
17.Lost Cunt-Tree   20:28.0  M46Miller High Life, from bottle  
18. HomoRama   20:30.0  M49Michelob Ultra, from bottle  
19.Blows the Hammer Stanley   27:11.0  F30Miller Light, from bottle  

Race Notes:

Beer Mile times are recorded by the fastest combination of Chugging 6 beers and running 1 mile in any combination with no penalty for vomitting. That is when the best photos are taken!!!!

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