3rd Annual Salisbury Beer Mile
Salisbury, MD

Conditions: warm

created by user willis991

NameTimeSex Beer Notes
1.Carl Blickle  7:16.0  MNatty Light, from can  
2. Enos Benbow   7:28.0  MBoh Ice, from can  
3. Will Murdoch   8:00.0  MNatty Light, from can  
4.Zach Dickerson  9:22.0  MNatty Light, from can  
5.Steve Funkhouser  9:40.0  MNatty Light, from can  
6.Kelly Sullivan  9:42.0  FNatty Light, from can  
7.Scott Koehler  11:32.0  MNatty Light, from can  
8.Paul McFadden  12:05.0  MNatty Light, from can  penalty lap
9. Buck Stokes   12:33.0  MNatty Light, from can  
10.Amy DeMichele  13:42.0  FNatty Light, from can  
11.Eric Graves  15:40.0  MNatty Light, from can  57 Last Lap
12. Bob Shawhan   16:12.0  MNatty Boh, from can  
13.Zuzka Ozwoldike  16:16.0  FSmirnoff, from bottle  
14. Steve Jacobs   17:52.0  MBud Light, from can  
15. Daryl Lee   DNF  MBoh Ice, from can  Time Unknown
16.Amy Lang  DNF  FBud Light, from can  Time Unknown
17.Lauren Bragg  DNF  FBud Light, from can  Time Unknown

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