Louisville Beer/Soda Mile #3 -- 2006
Louisville, KY

Conditions: a touch hot

created by user SiddMonk

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Will "the Thrill" Coleman   10:12.0  M21Budweiser, from can  Made dad proud
2. Justin "Slow and Steady" Hill   12:32.0  M21Budweiser, from can  Much unimproved
3. Chris "No Beer" McCoy   13:34.0  M21Rum & Coke, from can  Too strong
4. Dean "the Mix" Aschbacher   15:31.0  M20Rum/Budweiser, from can  Had to use a combo of straight rum and budweiser bc of lack of beer
5. Josh "the Measurer" Carter   16:24.0  M21Budweiser, from can  Actually ran this time
6.Travis "Photo" Vincent  19:08.0  M21Budweiser, from can  he broke 20
7. Madonna "the Girl" Schueler   21:20.0  F19Coke, from can  7 Up Cherry; former KHSAA State Champion; much improved

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