Edmonton beermile
Edmonton, AB

Conditions: clear sky, track slightly wet due to rain earlier

created by user rory

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Matt sinclair   7:10.0  M19Budwieser, from can  pb
2.Matt Walsh  8:34.0  M18Budwieser, from can  rookie
3. Rory Carroll   10:56.0  M18Alexander Kieths, from can  rookie
4. Mac Page   11:11.0  M18Stella, from can  Due to crutches he did a beer 800 and puked so he had a 200m penalty
5. Harry Moore   11:17.0  M17Carlsberg, from can  rookie
6. Kirstie Lithgow   12:27.0  F19Canadian, from can  rookie
7.Ryan Russell  14:10.0  M17Kokanee, from can  penalty lap
8. Joel Lauzon   17:00.0  M17Budwieser, from can  penalty lap
9.Raeleen Hunter  DNF  F19Kokanee, from can  rookie

Race Notes:

scona track
calgary boys came up
kingston rules

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