Cap'n Pic's Hoo-ahh Challenge
Jacksonville, FL

Conditions: 82 degrees

created by user harrierwon

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Owen "Rider" Shott   6:45.0  26Coors  record breaking potential finally realized
2. Rick "The Game" Patterson   7:44.0  36Budweiser  it wasn't flashy but it got the job done
3. Paul "Kiwi" McRae   8:57.0  32Budweiser  carrying New Zealand's hopes on his shoulders, McRae raced at a medium pace
4. Josh "By Gosh" Johnson   9:24.0  24Budweiser  smack talk quieted by lap three hurl
5. James "Million To One Shot" Lopiccolo   10:25.0  21Budweiser  Pic hopes the US army will count this as p.t
6. Jo "The Truth" Shott   12:15.0  26Coors  she was not in her 9 minute form tonight
7.Stacey "Eye Candy" Adams  15:31.0  21Budweiser  not a bad debut
8.Jake "Silky" Wilky  17:04.0  21Budweiser  Silk's debut was not stellar
9. Kelly "Pic's Li'l Mama" Hunter   17:54.0  21Budweiser  the chugging was good, unlike the elapsed time total
10. Tyrone "Fl Southern BMOC" Bell   19:34.0  23Budweiser  many Lakeland coeds were let down by the BMOC's less than swift result
11. Brian "Brunson" Doyle   19:57.0  22Budweiser  not to say this pace was slow, but the real Doyle Brunson can go this fast

Race Notes:

Many answered the call to fulfill Pic's dream of a beer mile on his birthday.

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