Edmonton, AB

Conditions: Mild

created by user Sprintfly

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Barry "Lama" Saretsky   7:37.0  M36Kokanee, from can  New record
2.Erick "Bet it all" Petursson  8:16.0  MKokanee, from can  2nd place finish
3. Brain "Temper" Austen   10:02.0  M33Kokanee, from can  Co-founder's brother with temper
4. Andre "Agassi" Breault   10:05.0  M29Kokanee, from can  Wants to win
5.Kevin Lastname  10:10.0  MKokanee, from can  Almost metaled
6. Ryan "In the running" Duggan   10:15.0  M33Kokanee, from can  Had record to slow to mention
7.James "under the radar" Cettiga  10:20.0  M34Kokanee, from can  No puke
8. Igor "Got game" Kopecky   10:25.0  M34Kokanee, from can  Waits for next event
9.Craig "Luv it" Vetter  10:30.0  MKokanee, from can  Better tennis player then a runner
10.Tim "2 time champ" Austin  10:35.0  M34Kokanee, from can  Timpathalon Co-founder
11. Dale "Arm wrestler" Fong   10:40.0  MKokanee, from can  Nothing stops him from drinking his beer
12.Paul "Sink'er" Sinclair  DNF  M  Used work as an excuse

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