Calgary, AB

Conditions: Mild

created by user sprintfly

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Barry "Lama" Saretsky   7:25.0  M37Kokanee, from can  Two time champ
2. Andre "Puma" Breault   8:24.0  M30Kokanee, from can  Wanna be champ
3.Ted "The Sleeper" Nedved  9:10.0  M33Kokanee, from can  Thought he could win
4.Mark "The Nephew" Gangl  10:08.0  M28Kokanee, from can  Started off strong
5.Christain "Sandman" Brix  10:15.0  M28Kokanee, from can  Running for the camera
6. Jay "Who's Jay"   10:25.0  M37Kokanee, from can  Thought it was the Terry Fox run
7.Bob "The calm" Kariatsumari  10:42.0  M32Kokanee, from can  Consistent pace
8. Doug "Rule book" Anderson   11:01.0  M35Kokanee, from can  Tried
9. Ryan "PP" Duggan   11:03.0  M34Kokanee, from can  Out to fast
10. Brain "Wee" Austen   11:08.0  M33Kokanee, from can  Waits for chess
11. Jim "The Pill" Cettiga   11:28.0  M35Kokanee, from can  Stays low
12. Tim "Timmer" Austen   13:12.0  M35Kokanee, from can  Needs a win
13.Minh "Machine" Lien  14:53.0  M31Kokanee, from can  His Kryptonite
14.Keith "Roughrider" Poelzer  15:40.0  M33Kokanee, from can  No chess
15. Igor "Speedo" Kopecky   16:01.0  M35Kokanee, from can  No 16th place here

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