Fall 2006 Dallas H3 Beermile
Dallas, TX

Conditions: Cold (45 F), windy, partly cloudy

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created by user aileenkaufman

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.Tommy Smith  7:51.0  M41Budweiser, from can  
2.George Brewer  8:03.0  M48Coors, from can  
3.Ryan Cooper  8:35.0  M24Budweiser, from can  
4.Mark Norman  8:46.0  M49Miller Genuine Draft, from can  
5.Emstip "Master Kim" Kim  8:52.0  M53Budweiser, from bottle  
6.Ken Proudfoot  8:54.0  M34Budweiser, from can  
7.Tom Wiberg  9:01.0  M41Coors, from bottle  
8.Scott "Hash House Harry" Eppelman  9:24.0  M40Shiner, from can  Ran 28 miles to get todays beermile event!
9.Ken Wilke  10:01.0  M34Miller Genuine Draft, from can  
10. David "Fruity Pebbles" Morley   10:11.0  M33Coors, from can  
11.Mike Whitsell  10:36.0  M42Miller, from can  
12. Scott "Hog Straddler" Varner   10:46.0  M43Kronen Bourg, from bottle  
13.David Pastre  11:22.0  M44Busch, from bottle  
14.Chip Burgard  11:30.0  M39Miller Genuine Draft, from bottle  
15. Michel "Mrs. Fruity Pebbles" Morley   11:32.0  F32Coors, from can  Had a baby just 10 weeks ago!
16.Mahriam Titus  11:46.0  F30Miller Genuine Draft, from can  
17. Julie "Pork Me Now" Stratman   11:56.0  F40Coors, from can  
18.Lauren "Nacheaux Ass" Kennedy  12:01.0  F45Kronen Bourg, from bottle  
19. Ken "Gigolo" Ashby   13:17.0  M54Red Dog, from can  Penalty lap for chundering
20.Matt Burns  13:48.0  M33Miller Genuine Draft, from bottle  Penalty lap for chundering
21.Joel Poshusta  19:53.0  M66Budweiser, from can  No. 38 in the Grand Master Division!
22.Trey Backes  DNF  M28Coors, from can  
23.Teel Dunlap  DNF  M43Miller Genuine Draft, from can  

Race Notes:

Dallas Hash House Harriers sponsored the 2006 Fall Beer mile at the Stone Tables at White Rock Lake. A male heat and a women's heat took place while a common mumbling was heard from the crowd; "Where are all the hashers?"

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