Magee 21st Kick off
Jacksonville, FL

Conditions: Cool

created by user oshott

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Owen "Rider" Shott   6:41.0  M26Coors, from can  Takes it down agian! We need to bring in some rabbits.
2. Nathan "Oh Sh**" Holden   8:01.0  M21Coors, from can  Nathan wasn't "Holden" it down! tight race till last lap ralph
3. Craigers "Iron Stomach"   8:02.0  M21Budweiser, from can  Lacked confident in 1st beermile
4. John "If I could Chug"   10:57.0  M21Budweiser, from can  Great wheel! drinks like a girl!
5. Danish "I loss my focus"   12:51.0  M21Budweiser, from can  Blamed others ralphing for poor showing
6. Harry   14:16.0  M21Budweiser, from can  I'll be back for more!
7.Fitzy "I'm glad I beat a girl"   15:51.0  M21Budweiser, from can  Man! This was fun :-(
8.Amber Smith  18:00.0  F22Budweiser, from can  You have to start somewhere
9. Ryan "I play soccer"   22:30.0  M21Budweiser, from can  Only had 20 meters to go! impressive post race hurl
10. Eric "I won't quit"   22:31.0  M21Budweiser, from can  DNFing not an option!
11. Hills "Lets do it agian"   22:41.0  F21Budweiser, from can  Wouldn't stop running after race was over

Race Notes:

Started and ended with a blast. New unofficial FL. state record.

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