Third Annual Dave Smart Tribute Beer Mile
Victoria, BC

Conditions: Dry, 5 degrees centigrade

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created by user hasallwind

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Jim Finlayson   5:20.0  M31Keepers Stout, from can  
2. Tyler Trace   6:50.0  M22Okanagan 1516, from can  
3. Sean Clark   7:00.0  MLabatts Blue, from can  
4. Jason Sandquist   7:20.0  MGranville Island Honey Lager, from can  
5.Ken Jones  7:38.0  MO'Douls, from can  Designated Driver
6. Norm Thibault   7:42.0  MSleemans Cream Ale, from can  
7. Don Eby   7:46.0  MOkanagan Springs, from can  
8. Nick Walker   7:49.0  MGranville Island, from can  
9.Claire Jean  8:50.0  FCoors Light, from can  
10.Jon Siewertson  8:58.0  MHeineken, from can  
11. Shawn Nelson   9:07.0  MGranville Island Honey Lager, from can  
12. Donald Peterson   9:14.0  MOkanagan 1516, from can  
13. Clint Lien   9:20.0  MBowen Island, from can  
14. Peter Stevenson   9:43.0  MNelson Brewing Co., from can  
15. Tim "Stoolie" Conlin   9:49.0  MPilsner, from can  
16. Mark Nelson   9:53.0  MGranville Island Honey Lager, from can  
17. Troy Rudderham   10:16.0  MBudweiser, from can  
18.Sumpyton   10:27.0  MBowen Island Ale, from can  
19. Sheila Campbell   10:29.0  FBowen Island Lager, from can  
20. Steve Woolford   10:53.0  MLabatts Blue, from can  
21.Nick Hastie  11:09.0  MCanadian, from can  
22. Toren Gustafson   11:25.0  MOkanagan 1516, from can  
23. Darren Katila   11:53.0  MBudweiser, from can  
24.Donna Carrigan  11:56.0  FHeineken and Sleemans, from can  
25. Stefan Jakobsen   11:57.0  MGranville Island, from can  
26.Lou Webster  12:03.0  MKokanee, from can  
27.Denise Webster  12:03.0  FKokanee, from can  
28.Bob Gibbie  12:28.0  MGranville Island Amber Ale, from can  
29. Rauvy Dalep   13:11.0  MCanadian, from can  
30.Mark Regensberg  13:15.0  MMoosehead, from can  
31.Iron Gal  13:22.0  FVancouver Islander, from can  
32.Randy Dunphy  13:24.0  MPilsner, from can  
33. Mike "Fat Bastard" Walsh   14:36.0  M45Vancouver Island Lager, from can  
34.Andrew Wilkensen  14:40.0  MKokanee, from can  
35.Janna Lock  14:52.0  FSleemans Honey Brown, from can  
36.Anne-Mette Jakobsen  15:04.0  FSleemans, from can  
37.Onat Yazir  15:14.0  MPilsner, from can  
38.Carolyn Murray  15:30.0  FCanadian, from can  
39.Patti Walsh  16:01.0  FCanadian, from can  
40.Jerad Hales  16:03.0  MSleemans, from can  
41.Dave Jackson  16:06.0  MCoors Light, from can  
42.Connie Hearty  16:07.0  FCanadian, from can  
43.Christina Gray  16:08.0  FSleemans, from can  
44.Connie Shaw  17:00.0  F78Kokanee, from can  
45.Catherine Hamilton  17:02.0  FKokanee, from can  
46.Dodie Cox  17:27.0  FKokanee, from can  
47.Wolfe Harris  17:28.0  MGranville Island Honey Lager, from can  
48. Scott "Honeybush" MacNeil   18:11.0  M31Canadian, from can  
49.Jeff Richmond  19:39.0  MBudweiser, from can  
50.Matt Turnball  19:52.0  MGranville Island Honey Lager, from can  
51.Morne Jongsma  20:05.0  MSleemans, from can  
52. Ceri Merrett   20:45.0  FSleemans Lager, from can  
53.Aaron Amar  21:10.0  MSleemans Honey Brown, from can  
54.Andrew Blackett  22:38.0  MOkanagan Springs, from can  

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