2007 Manitoba Winter Beermile
Winnipeg, MB

Conditions: sunny, -3C, NWI

created by user thekman

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Colin Barnett   7:16.0  MLucky, from can  
2. Corey "Whip Hubley" Gallagher   7:33.0  M20Kokanee, from can  birthday boy
3. Jacques "Daquiri" Marcoux   8:04.0  M22Lucky, from can  
4. Andrew "Goose" Dauphinais   8:35.0  M23Canadian, from can  hungover, wore safeway uniform
5. Patrick "P-Binne" Binne   8:59.0  M23Lucky, from can  
6.Andy Yathon  9:05.0  M19Budweiser, from can  
7. Kristjan "Cougar" Hunter   9:15.0  M22Budweiser, from can  ran a 'free willy 400' afterwards
8.Matt Martins  9:32.0  MLucky, from can  
9. Marlowe "Wolfman" Brownlee   9:34.0  M18Lucky, from can  penalty lap
10.Rich Dreger  10:32.0  MLabbat's Blue, from can  
11.Mackenzie "P-Mac" Page  10:35.0  M19Lucky, from can  penalty lap
12. Paul "Fetus" Carr   10:56.0  M20Canadian, from can  penalty lap
13. Sheldon "Maverick" Kilcullen   11:42.0  M22Canadian, from can  penalty lap, hungover
14. Willie Bell   11:54.0  M20Lucky, from can  
15. Quin "Q-Tip" Ferguson   11:55.0  M18Molson Dry, from can  penalty lap
16.Alastair Brown  12:24.0  MKokanee, from can  penalty lap
17. Scott "Neck Brace" Adamson   17:26.0  M19Budweiser, from can  penalty lap, wore a neckbrace
18. Jon "Viper" Kilcullen   17:34.0  M23Canadian, from can  penalty lap, hungover
19.Keven Breiter  19:30.0  MCanadian, from can  penalty lap
20. Peter "Fairy" Grewal   24:34.0  MKokanee, from can  penalty lap
21. Francois Auger   37:02.0  M1 Guiness; 3 Stella Artois, from can  slowest beermile ever
22.Josh Martins  DNF  MLucky, from can  

Race Notes:

- Hunter's "free willy 400" was run in 72
- Belof and Hunter both dropped a class so they could attend

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