CIS Champion's 2007 BM
Sherbrooke, PQ

Conditions: Cold, by night. Icy track

created by user FatFrank

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.R?mi Bouchard  6:15.2  M20Bud Light, from can  DQ - Unofficial Beer / New track record
2. JF Gosselin   6:54.0  M21Budweiser, from can  
3. Philippe Brazeau   7:08.0  M24Molson Ex, from can  
4. Francois "Fat Frank" Menard   7:47.0  M24Budweiser, from can  
5.Joan Nobleaux  9:37.0  M23Budweiser, from can  
6. Simon Bouchard   9:51.0  M21Bud Light, from can  DQ- Unofficial Beer
7.Florien Bobeuf  10:19.0  M28Molson Ex, from can  
8. Philippe "Big Phil" Lachapelle   11:11.0  M22Labbat's Blue, from can  
9. Felix "Back-door" Gagnon   12:41.0  M25Old Milwaukee's, from can  
10. Kristell Sanquer   13:14.0  F23Budweiser, from can  
11.Pierre-?tienne "Le Lanceur" Th?riault  14:20.0  M21Molson Ex, from can  
12.Blaise Santerre  14:21.0  M22Molson Ex, from can  
13. James "Stop Cado" Cadovius   14:55.0  M22Budweiser, from can  Penalty Lap
14.Jocelyn Bergeron  19:34.0  M23Bowes, from can  
15.John Michaud  DNF  M23Old Milwaukee's, from can  
16.Melissa "The sister" Cadovius  DNF  F20Budweiser, from can  
17. Sarah "Cuite" Baribeau   DNF  F23Budweiser, from can  

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