2nd Annual Ottawa Classic
Ottawa, ON

created by user sifol

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.Patrick Store  11:41.0  M21Canadian, from can  
2. Sheila Dyer   16:40.0  F21Labbat's Blue, from can  
3.Phil Brownhill  17:35.0  M22Lucky, from can  
4.Patrick Beauchesne  21:27.0  M22Labbat's Blue, from can  
5.Alex Murphy  23:34.0  M21Labbat's Blue, from can  
6. Nate Rodgers   27:55.0  M21Labbat's Blue, from can  
7.Eitan Waldman  31:05.0  M22Lucky, from can  
8. Amelia Ambridge   32:44.0  F21Labbat's Blue, from can  
9.April Rick  35:12.0  F21Budweisere, from can  

Race Notes:

If you finished behind Beauchesne, you finished behind the fat man...

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