2nd Annual South Australian Beer Mile Championships
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Conditions: Fine conditions under lights!

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created by user Toby

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.Nick "All Talk" Mangos  6:14.0  M25Carlton Draught, from bottle  Cracker of a time, a worthy champion! He will take some beating in 2008. Look for the guy in the waterproof bib.
2. Michael "Zierschy" Killicoat   7:08.0  M22Carlton Draught, from bottle  A fair showing in his first Beer Mile, knew his limitation, but did he go hard enough?
3.Ashley "On Time" Cleveland  7:11.0  M23Carlton Draught, from bottle  Cannot go past this blokes dedication, a SABMC Life member, podium finish 2 years running!
4.Chris "That Guy" Burkhardt  8:31.0  M27Carlton Draught, from bottle  First Sprinter home, finally got the better of his arch nemisis, Thiele!
5. Simon "Josie" Thompson   8:55.0  M24Carlton Draught, from bottle  Managed to keep his clothes on long enough to post a good time, his first beer mile attempt.
6.Nikki "Caves" Donnelly  9:20.0  F21Carlton Draught, from bottle  The crowd loves this girl, plenty of heart and guts! SABMC Female Champion for 2007 both on and off the track!
7.Ryan "B.O.L" Thiele  9:21.0  M28Carlton Draught, from bottle  For a bloke that can't run, and is not a looker at all, he goes all right on the beer mile circuit
8. Dale "Dancin" Engler   9:29.0  M25Carlton Draught, from bottle  Another solid effort by the boy who claims to have a cast iron gut.
9. Shane "Got Game" Thiele   9:55.0  M30Carlton Draught, from bottle  First runner home after spilling his guts and completing his penalty lap.
10.P.J "Pie Chucker" Bosch  10:01.0  M27Carlton Draught, from bottle  Talked it up like always, and let himself down like always! Thats alright P.J no one else rated you!
11. Robert "Sub 8" Killmier   10:49.0  M21Carlton Draught, from bottle  If there were a prize for worst performance on the day, this bloke would have his name all over it! Last years champion was never in it this time round.
12.Michael "Knees" Bertlesmier  10:57.0  M40Carlton Draught, from bottle  After 5 knee replacements, has forced the event organisers to introduce a veterans award for future beer miles. I have one word for you Knees, Inspirational!
13.Denise "Swiss Miss" Schaerer  11:36.0  F19Carlton Draught, from bottle  The Pride of Switzerland. There were no holes showing in this tasty piece of vintage ched!
14. Toby "Mr Incredible" Medlin   12:06.0  M22Carlton Draught, from bottle  A Vast improvement from last years dismal performance, and just quietly there is just enough left up his incredible sleeves for next year.
15. Tim "Skins" Smith   12:31.0  M19Carlton Draught, from bottle  After a year long retirement from running, the beer mile brought him back.
16. Adam "Pants" Didyk   12:47.0  M24Carlton Draught, from bottle  His voice might crackle like a school boy on the verge of losing his virginity, but Adam you can hold your head up high again son! Just remember to ware a belt with those pants.
17. Matt "Die in the Ass" Fallon   13:40.0  M24Carlton Draught, from bottle  In a further dent to his pride, Fallon couldn't quite go the distance again. At least he left his missus at home this year, saving himself a little embarrassment at least.
18.Jordan "Gerald" Massey-Harvey  13:42.0  M23Carlton Draught, from bottle  Jords stepped up in 07, after drinking only lights in 06. Does this mean you are a real man now? I think not. Perhaps once there are a few more hairs on your legs?!
19. Tony "Old Man" Symonds   13:50.0  M36Carlton Draught, from bottle  Symo has been training his whole life for this event, but perhaps he's 10 years too late
20. Kate "Tank" McKenzie   13:53.0  F23Carlton Draught, from bottle  Last year she smacked up the field, running just over 10 minutes. She couldn't handle the pace of her training partner Donnelly.
21.Shaun "Bareback" Ryder  14:49.0  M25Carlton Draught, from bottle  Riding bareback has its downfalls, as he struggled most of the way through this one.
22. Courtney "Thompson" Ryder   14:59.0  F25Carlton Draught, from bottle  In her debut to competitive racing she'll be pleased with her 4th woman across the line tag. Apparently the Ryder's were celebrating hard later that night!
23. Peter "Gnome" Davis   15:21.0  M22Carlton Draught, from bottle  Made his way down from the Hills to have his first crack at the Beer Mile. Perhaps he shouldn't have bothered.
24. Daniel "Cheech" Matena   15:35.0  M25Carlton Draught, from bottle  Officially the worst SA Beer Miler of all time. Many attempts, many failures.
25.Gilbert "Fully Sick" Hyde  15:51.0  M21Carlton Draught, from bottle  Give this bloke a bike and there'd be no stopping him.
26.Choc "Side Lines" Lloyd  16:52.0  F20Carlton Draught, from bottle  Choc just goes to prove no matter how good you look it doesn't mean you can run and drink piss
27.Lauren "Good Value" Hyde  18:12.0  F18Carlton Draught, from bottle  Identified by the Talent Scouts as the future of Beer Miling
28. Emily "Bluey" Hyde   18:13.0  F20Carlton Draught, from bottle  After cruisers in 2006, she stepped up a notch, but still came up empty-handed
29.Peter "Minor" Hyde  19:02.0  M18Carlton Draught, from bottle  Beaten by his sisters on and off the track. Check out the Hyde family website!
30. James "Polar" Boden   21:09.0  M19Carlton Draught, from bottle  Dubbed the 'orange flash' by those in the know, when it came down to it there was very little flash at all.
31. Laszlo "Evans" Dobo   22:49.0  M18Carlton Draught, from bottle  He's good with his pole, but not so good at the Beer Mile. Was nothing to vault this time around.
32. Brad "Knows It" Fisk   24:17.0  M18Carlton Draught, from bottle  No.
33.Iona "Experience" Halliday  25:08.0  F21Carlton Draught, from bottle  Our Victorian visitor was never in it.
34. Georgia "Dead Last" Kaidonis   25:53.0  F20Carlton Draught, from bottle  A big improvement on last year but lets be honest, she needed to! Still not a winner, but she won the boy on the night apparently.
35. Celeste "Stink" Knowles   27:54.0  F21Carlton Draught, from bottle  May have been the last competitor to finish, but word has it at least this female drank every last drop of her 4 of Carlton Draught's finest went down the hatch.
36. John "Young Girl" Creasey   DNF  M32Carlton Draught, from bottle  After claiming this was the biggest race of his life, disappointed to pull out at the last hurdle. Will be back bigger and better in '08.
37.Nathan "Big Guy" Bruce-Gordon  DNF  M23Carlton Draught, from bottle  Only 2 beers. Are you serious??? Where's the priorities? Although, at least he turned up.

Race Notes:

ANZAC Day the 25th of April 2007, and what a day it was. This is a day to remember the fallen, but also marks the 2nd annual running of the South Australian Beer Mile Championships.

Conditions were absolutely perfect for drinking beer and running a mile. Held under lights again at the Flinders University Ovals, 35 competitors decided something was missing from their lives, they needed to test their minds and their bodies, in what can only be described as the ultimate test of human will power these brave young/old soles took to the starting line of the 2nd Annual South Australian Beer Mile Championships!

"Brewed by horses," Carlton Draught was named the 2007 official race brew. After the race competitors enjoyed the free sausage sizzle put on by them for our brave competitors.

Many thanks for all of our competitors race organisers and officials for 2007. If you thought 2007 was big, the word has got out, 2008 will be huge!

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