DePauw Twilight
Greencastle, IN

Conditions: Clear Skies & Blurry Vision

created by user Chugnrun

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.Tony Gemma  6:51.0  M22Miller Light, from can  
2.Evan Dickerson  7:08.0  M21Natural Light, from can  Mastered the chug
3.Julian Jones  10:00.0  M21Natural Light, from can  One lap penalty for puking.
4.Chris Dietrick  10:22.0  M19Miller Light, from can  One lap penalty for puking.
5.Steve Clark  DNF  M19Natural Light, from can  Marv's got the best of him!

Race Notes:

It was a hard fought battle between the master chugger and the tubby runner. The battle for 3rd was also fierce as these true soldiers continued running trailing vomit behind them. It is on this field that true heroes are born.

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