Beaver Beer Mile 2007
Beavercreek, OH

Conditions: 84, degrees, sunny

created by user THirt

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Colin Barr   9:31.0  M29Budweiser, from can  wore a dress, vomited after crossing finish line
2.Greg DeSharnais  9:40.0  M30Budweiser, from can  led for first 3 laps
3. Tom Hirt   12:25.0  M31Budweiser, from can  defending Beaver Beer Mile champ finished third
4. David Cheddar   13:18.0  M32Miller Lite, from can  strong improvement from the 2005 race
5. Scott Kulka   16:57.0  M30Bud/Miller Lite (2 each), from can  solid effort
6. Cort Sattler   19:09.0  M31Miller Lite, from can  spill with intent
7. Andrew Jamieson   19:35.0  M30Miller Lite, from can  spill with intent
8. Ben Penry   20:19.0  M25water (wtf?), from cup  DQ'd for beverage choice
9. Bonnie Reichardt   21:09.0  F26Miller Lite, from can  first female finisher
10.Kate Meinke  22:57.0  F31Miller Lite, from can  first beer mile, excellent showing
11. Rosie Oliva   30:55.0  F29Miller/Coors/Bud Lite, one Woodchuck cid, from can  spill with intent
12. Sara Hirt   33:19.0  F29Coors Light, from can  tied with Kulka/Jamieson
13. Jodi Kulka   33:19.0  F31Woodchuck, from bottle  tied with Hirt/Jamieson
14.Beth Jamieson  33:19.0  F29Miller Lite/Woodchuck cider, from can  spill with intent, tied with Kulka/Hirt

Race Notes:

Second Beaver Beer mile was a rousing success with completion by all. Review of the tape showed several competitors exhibiting spill with intent, as noted in results. DeSharnais, from California, was off to an excellent start, but could not hold off a late charge by Ironman Barr, who won it in the last 1/8th mile.

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