1st Annual WVTC Winter Classic
San Francisco, CA

Conditions: Cool, overcast, & soft breeze

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created by user wvtc

NameTimeSex Beer Notes
1. Todd "T Rose" Rose   5:50.0  MBudweiser, from can  
2. Alex Mason   6:20.0  MBudweiser, from can  
3. Steve "Dewey" Dewan   6:26.0  MBudweiser, from can  
4. Pontus Ahlstrom   7:39.0  MBudweiser, from can  
5. Matt Hinde   8:22.0  MBudweiser, from can  
6. Tony "Fonger" Fong   8:23.0  MBudweiser, from can  Suspicion of unfinished 1st beer
7.Craig Gaites  8:29.0  MBudweiser, from can  
8. John Geilhufe   9:33.0  MBudweiser, from can  
9. Ian Mason   10:14.0  MBudweiser, from can  
10. Todd "TK" Kelly   10:16.0  MBudweiser, from can  w/ Penalty Lap
11.Tyler Newman  DNF  MBudweiser, from can  didn't take penalty lap

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