2007 Manitoba Summer Beer Mile
Winnipeg, MB

Conditions: 25 Degrees, clear skies, Wind: 5km/h

created by user triathlon68

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Andrew Dauphinais   7:08.0  M24n/a, from can  Ran with only a hoola skirt on
2. Kristjan Hunter   7:10.0  M23n/a, from can  Penalty lap. Ran dressed as Superman
3. Corey Gallagher   8:14.0  M21n/a, from can  Made mistake of brining a girl he was ''working on'' to the event.
4.Yannick Fr?chette MD.  10:28.0  M23n/a, from can  Rookie of the year award. Is currently studying to be a proctologist
5. Jacques Marcoux   10:35.0  M23n/a, from can  Penalty lap
6. Sheldon Kilcullen   11:15.0  M22n/a, from can  Ran in holla skirt. Ran a naked (no shoes either) 400m in 53 secs
7.Peter Doroschuck  11:59.0  M20n/a, from can  Penalty lap
8. Steve Wetton   12:26.0  M22n/a, from can  Rookie. Master Chugger.
9.Scott Mckenzie  13:14.0  M30n/a, from can  Rookie
10. Willie Bell   15:08.0  M20n/a, from can  penalty lap
11. Michael C   15:24.0  M23n/a, from can  Rookie. penalty lap
12.Marie-?lise Marcoux  16:20.0  F21n/a, from can  First female participant. penalty lap
13.Derrick Schroeder  18:29.0  M30n/a, from can  Rookie. penalty lap
14. Matt ???   19:01.0  M20n/a, from can  no comment
15. P K   19:15.0  M21n/a, from can  penalty lap
16. Jon Kilcullen   21:43.0  M24n/a, from can  ''I`m all business and my business is drinking!''
17. Big T   21:54.0  M22n/a, from can  penalty lap
18.Petey ???  23:05.0  M20n/a, from can  penalty lap
19.Fran?ois Auger  25:32.0  M23Guiness, from can  Ran the Chunder Mile = Four guiness talls
20.Warren ???  25:59.0  M40n/a, from can  Road Kill guy

Race Notes:

One of the biggest turnouts for Manitoba Beer Runners ever. Participants from all walks of life participated: Collegiate runners, sprinters, corporate upper managers, 40+ runners and yes even a girl.

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