Mike Boule Official Beermile Training #1
Sherbrooke, PQ

Conditions: 25 Celcius

created by user Mike_Boule

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Micael "Mike Boule" Boulet   6:45.0  M25Budweiser, from can  PB. Dream to break the world record.
2. Eric "Rick the King" Paradis   17:57.0  M25Budweiser, from can  First Beermile. Penalty lap. Maintained concentration in spite of puking a lot.
3. Michael "The Apprentice" Lamontagne   19:40.0  M25Labatt Blue, from can  First Beermile. Penalty lap. Can be better. Too much talking on the last beer.

Race Notes:

No video, but officials rules have been followed. Un match de soccer f?minin ? la vieille piste nous oubliga ? entrer par infraction dans le stade de foot la nuit.

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