Chicago Beer Mile v2.0
Chicago, IL

Conditions: Cold, with ice and snow covering the track

created by user rchenoweth23

NameTimeSex Beer Notes
1. Greg "The Sure Thing" Walters   8:09.0  MBudweiser, from can  
2.John "Naked Angry Man" Hiatt  8:55.0  MBudweiser, from can  
3. Rob Chenoweth   9:50.0  MBudweiser, from can  
4. Ricky Britton   9:51.0  MBudweiser, from can  
5. Cyrus Severance   10:04.0  MBudweiser, from can  
6. Lorne Litwora   10:16.0  MBudweiser, from can  
7. John Hutton   10:17.0  MBudweiser, from can  
8.Rob Cain  11:14.0  MBudweiser, from can  
9.Ben Seigle  11:25.0  MBudweiser, from can  
10. Ryan Whitehead   11:33.0  MBudweiser, from can  
11. Dan Litwora   11:52.0  MBudweiser, from can  
12. Beth Lakier   12:12.0  FBudweiser, from can  
13.Rob Macari  12:31.0  MBudweiser, from can  
14. Steven Barham   12:34.0  MBudweiser, from can  
15.Kathryn Harb  12:35.0  FBudweiser, from can  
16. Jill Lohmann   12:46.0  FBudweiser, from can  
17.Donnie Franzen  12:55.0  MBudweiser, from can  
18. Kyle "Kmac" McFarren   12:56.0  MBudweiser, from can  
19. Beth Engel   13:20.0  FBudweiser, from can  
20. Paul Johnston   13:38.0  MBudweiser, from can  
21.Peter "Slippery Pete" Angelo  13:39.0  MBudweiser, from can  
22.William Cosgrove  13:41.0  MBudweiser, from can  
23.Peter Curtin  14:03.0  MBudweiser, from can  
24. Robert Wiegand   14:12.0  MBudweiser, from can  
25. Kathy Daniels   15:33.0  FBudweiser, from can  
26. Tim Zielinski   17:00.0  MBudweiser, from can  
27.Michelle Prettyman  23:44.0  FBudweiser, from can  
28.Jamie Schloff  24:20.0  MBudweiser, from can  
29.Tricia Bracki  25:35.0  FBudweiser, from can  
30.Lisa Vihnanek  25:35.0  FBudweiser, from can  
31.Besa Nadzaku  26:48.0  FBudweiser, from can  
32. Amy Bode   DNF  F  
33.Matt Milewski  DNF  M  
34. Jeff Clark   DNF  M  
35.Judy Havlicek  DNF  F  
36.Edith Halasik  DNF  F  
37.Mary Pelak  DNF  F  
38.John Cherland  DNF  M  
39.Kelly McGuire  DNF  F  

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