NHS Coca-Cola Mile 2007
Northampton, Ma

Conditions: Snow

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created by user freshprince

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.Chris Clayton  7:56.0  M17Cola, from can  
2.Jonathan "A Little Moore" Foster-Moore  10:03.0  M17Cola, from can  
3.Neal McKenna-Donnelly  20:20.0  M15Cola, from can  
4.Erik Dunn-Gaudet  DNF  M16Cola, from can  1.5 colas, 1 lap
5.Harry Weiner  DNF  M16Cola, from can  3 colas, 2.5 laps
6. Justin Gero   DNF  M16Cola, from can  4 colas, three laps
7. Emma Larson   DNF  F15Cola, from can  3 cokes, 3 laps
8.Mike Mailoux  DNF    Gave Up

Race Notes:

Impressive preformance by Chris clayton

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