Queensland Beer Mile Championship
Brisbane, Australia

Conditions: Hot(33?C)

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created by user Digger

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Adrian "Run67" Pearce   7:17.0  M39Tooheys Pils, from bottle  Won in Sprint Finish over last 120 metres.(Had 50metre lead after last change over.
2. Mark Taylor   7:17.0  M30Tooheys Dry, from bottle  Cut down Adrians big lead, but got out kicked
3.Aidan Hobbs  10:22.0  M19Tooheys Dry, from bottle  Chundered, so ran the extra lap.(Was with leaders till mis-hap.
4. Bruce "Digger" Hargreaves   12:22.0  M53Tooheys Dry, from bottle  Big improvement on lst year
5. Barry "Bazza" Millar   14:32.0  M46James Boag Premium, from bottle  Disappointing performance after the promise of 2006(2min 33 slower this year.)
6. Richard Koppenol   16:26.0  M61Tooheys Dry, from bottle  Walker-Had a 40 metre lead at the start(fastest drinker in town). Great performance after last years DNF
7. Phil "Hungers" Hungerford   19:34.0  M53Tooheys Dry, from bottle  Cancer Survivor showing what can be done
8. Tamyka "Tank Girl" Bell   21:38.0  F26Tooheys Dry, from bottle  Great warm up for WS100(1st Aussie Woman EVER to Finish).

Race Notes:

Run on a Grass 400metre track.

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