Beerlympics III
Mankato, MN

Conditions: 6* With a slight wind. AKA Cold as FUCK

created by user djscottymn

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.James "Crazy" Krasja  6:28.0  M20Busch Light, from can  James got off to a quick start and never looked back on his way to a New MSU Record and 3rd in MN
2. Jesse Merkel   6:48.0  M20Busch Light, from can  Last Year's Champion pulled out a PR and moved to 6th in MN holding off Doug in the process.
3.Doug "Dr. Q" Galbavy  6:49.0  M22Busch Light, from can  Doug pulled out a suprise 3rd place almost catching last years champion in the final lap.
4. Scott "2 Hot" Weispfennig   10:14.0  M22Michelob Light, from can  The beer proved to be to cold for Scott as he crossed the finish line well shy of his PR
5.Nate Klump  10:58.0  M22Budweiser, from bottle  The Rookie pulled out a respectable beermile in his debut run.
6.Sawyor Desotelle  13:48.0  M22Budweiser, from bottle  Another Rookie taking in a respectable finish.
7.Chad Janiszeski  16:54.0  M22Busch light, from can  Had troubles finding a replacement when his 3rd Beer froze on him
8.Brian Krueger  17:33.0  M22Busch Light, from can  Sets a PR in his second career race
9.Ben Klungtvedt  19:19.0  M22Busch light, from can  Jogged around due to injury still staying sub 20 and rounding out the race

Race Notes:

This was the most impressive Beer Mile run in Minnesota to this date. James, Merkel, and Doug, Destroyed the previous MSU record putting on a damn good race.

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