McGill xc-swim team challenge
Montreal, PQ

created by user Kendogg

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Kenneth Douglas   6:43.0  M19Pabst Blue Ribbon, from can  2 wins in 2 beer miles
2.Peter O'Connor  7:07.0  MOld Milwaukee, from can  
3.Hector Hernandez  7:21.0  MCorona, from bottle  beer <5%
4.Steve Douglas  8:01.0  MMolson Dry, from can  
5.Deborah Lightman  8:52.0  FMolson Dry, from can  
6.Rob Gildberny  9:57.0  MMolson Export, from can  
7.Andrew Boos  9:59.0  MCorona, from bottle  beer <5%
8. Marc Gaulier   10:37.0  MOld Milwaukee, from can  
9.Lauren Whyte  15:25.0  FMolson Dry, from can  
10. Ryan Ouckama   16:46.0  MHeineken, from can  had to run a penalty lap
11.Deenie Quinn  20:42.0  FMolson Dry, from can  
12.Mari Mesi  20:58.0  FMolson Cold Shots (250mL)  volume <355 mL
13. James Young   DNF  MMolson Carling  had to run a penalty lap

Race Notes:

fist McGill XC-swim team challenge

after 4 runners, each team had 18 points. XC won on fifth runner (swim team did not have 5 runners) and combined team time 34:13-34:24.

XC team finishers: 1,4,5,8,9,10,11,12,13
Swim team finishers: 2,3,6,7

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