Hodac Beer Mile
Roanoke, VA

Conditions: Night, Cloudy and Cool

created by user spamxc

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.Chuck "Yahtzee" Newton  7:22.0  M25Coors, from can  1:32,3:08,5:32
2.Freddy "El Chugger Nut" Diego  7:47.0  M23Coors, from can  Creeps rather than runs
3.Adam "B F**kin Destroyer" Avery  9:43.0  M24Coors, from can  Silent racer, but deadly competition
4.Ron "C f**kin destroyer" Wickham  10:24.0  M23Coors, from can  Wore Ninja Costume for race
5.Nathan "Tokyo Drift" Smith  11:15.0  M23Coors, from can  Pale skin lit up the night
6.Brandon "Beer Baron" Vick  11:53.0  M23Coors, from can  Ran extra Lap
7.Gordon "A F**kin Destroyer" Mitchell  14:30.0  M24Coors, from can  Stopped trying to chug fast 20 sec. into race
8.Larry "D2DA Face" Michaels  DNF  M23Coors, from can  Most Disappointing
9.Jack Sparrow  DNF  M23Coors, from can  Stopped after 2 laps

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