1st Annual pioharriers.com Spring Fling Beer Mile
Marietta, OH

Conditions: 56 degrees, clear, calm winds

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created by user jph003

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.Confuscious "MK" Say  9:47.9  M18Ice House, from can  
2.Jason "KH" Grass  10:53.5  M19Ice House, from can  
3.Richard "AW" Bang-her  10:59.1  M18Ice House, from can  
4.Doug "JH" Funny  13:02.0  M22Ice House, from can  
5.Cherry "JR" Popper  14:14.7  F22A&W Root Beer, from can  
6.Dane "CT" Schwegman  14:57.3  M19Ice House, from can  penalty lap (~13:33)
7.Richard "ZK" Petty  20:15.8  M18Ice House, from can  penalty lap (~18:13); i <3 projectile vomit
8.Meat "JS" Loaf  23:27.8  M22Vodka + soda pop, from cup  penalty lap
9.Juicey "JJ" Fruit  DNF  M19Ice House, from can  dropped out after 1st lap

Race Notes:

Sunday 5/4/08 at 11:00pm
Ice House (5.5%) 12oz cans were used and the official rules that are posted on beermile.com were used in conducting the event.

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