Owen Shott 4th Annual
Jacksonville, FL

Conditions: Warm

created by user oshott

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Owen "Rider" Shott   6:34.0  M28Coors, from can  More skills than you think. Drinking and running
2. Craigers "Iron Stomach"   6:35.0  M21Busch, from can  Gave the champ a run for his $
3. Bruce "Sung ho" Choi   6:52.0  M32Budweiser, from can  Rookie of the Beer award winner. Fast time!
4. Josh "Happy Meal" Myers   7:00.0  M25Budweiser, from can  Not bad for out of shape!
5. Danish "Got Wheels"   7:05.0  M22Busch, from can  Another PR
6. Rick "My game is Back" Patterson   8:12.0  M38Budweiser, from can  The godfather of jville beermile is back
7. Keith "Calibrator" Poythress   8:14.0  M44Budweiser, from can  Masters(40+) winner 4min PR
8. Jo "The Truth" Shott   8:44.0  F28Coors, from can  Fell short of SR, but beat a deep female field
9.Raymond "Doulbe R" Ramos  9:05.0  M46Budweiser, from can  Great Race, BUT got Girled
10. John "Boy" B   9:40.0  M22Busch, from can  Pretty sure this was a PR
11.Buddy "Josh is not my brother" Myers  10:18.0  M31Natural Lite, from can  Wanted to win Rookie of the Beer for 2008 forgot about the beer part
12.John "Tiger" Crouch  11:11.0  M22Budweiser, from can  Strong race
13. Nate "I won the 1st lap" Holden   11:38.0  M22Coors, from can  Was on his way for the win, but ended up winning best Puke award
14.Eric "Shot gun" Cannon  11:46.0  M27Miller High Life, from can  
15. James Vavrina   11:55.0  M32Budweiser, from can  Moving up the Record broad another PR
16. Kevin "Big PR with" Currin   13:29.0  M24Guinness, from can  Drop over 10mins. Must have been the Beer
17.Steve "Nice Kick" Sikes  13:32.0  M33Budweiser, from can  
18.Sarah "Why this beer?" Coghlan  13:33.0  F23Millwakue Best, from can  We Should have put up some Steeple's and a water jump
19.J.C. "Hanley" Pinto  16:54.0  F30Budweiser, from can  No Puke award here!
20.Amanda "Why did we do this?" Davey  16:57.0  F22Millwakue Best, from can  
21. Brian "O'" Doyle   17:07.0  M22Budweiser, from can  Not on his A game today
22.Louis "Thunderstruck" Rufo  23:23.0  M25Budweiser, from can  I'm I drinking beer or Foam?? A PR is A PR
23.Jerry Reckart  24:19.0  M27Yuingling, from can  Had the most fun out there. Looked like he was on a Cocktail walk
24.Kathlyn Granger  24:20.0  F21Coors, from can  I'd rather run a 800 meter in 2.16
25. Hills   24:56.0  F21Budweiser, from can  I would be okay to let her Drink only 3 beers
26.Kelly "I will never do this again" Marshall  25:26.0  F22Coors, from can  I think see did only drink 3 beers
27.Ben Shimko  DNF  Budweiser, from can  Started drinking before anyone got there?

Race Notes:

Great Race! 26 finisher, 1DNF, new track record for 1st time miler. Great awards. Hope keep this race going for years to come.

Every year on Memorial day weekend. Send us an email if you would like to partake. oshott@yahoo.com

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