1st Anal Bisbee Beermile
Bisbee, AZ

Conditions: Hot and dry

created by user usdave

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. FooCumYu   12:53.0  M42Miller Genuine Draft, from can  
2.TeamCandy   13:57.0  120Tecate, from can  
3. SemperFelinus   14:47.0  M???, from can  
4.SnaponJilldo   15:31.0  Fred wine, from cup  
5. BusJob   15:32.0  MTecate, from can  
6.HoodOrnament   18:10.0  FCoors, from can  
7. SnatchShot   18:31.0  M???, from can  
8.GagMeAgain   24:22.0  FMojito, from cup  ToplessFinish
9.JustShelly   24:22.0  FMojito, from cup  ToplessFinish

Race Notes:

Sister run of the December CC Memorial.
TeamCandy Comprised of Candyman(drinking) and Candyass(running) due to a broken toe.

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