3rd Annual South Australian Beer Mile Championships
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Conditions: Freezing Cold, slightly wet under foot, Under lights

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created by user Toby

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Robert "50cc" Killmier   6:37.0  M23Tooheys New, from can  Practice makes perfect, and this bloke has had plenty of it!
2.Ryan "Riley" Cox  6:47.0  M34Tooheys New, from can  Did it for his kids.
3.Greg "Florence" Nightingale  8:03.0  M20Tooheys New, from can  Who?
4. Chris "That Guy" Burckhardt   8:14.0  M27Tooheys New, from can  Best in character on the night. Has Thiele's measure to date 2-1.
5. Michael "Young Gun" Killicoat   8:26.0  M24Tooheys New, from can  Matthew Scarlett would have been appalled with his effort. Big effort to come over from Sydney though. Jet lag?? Pulled the big one later in the night
6. Simon "Wellness" Thompson   8:55.0  M27Tooheys New, from can  Managed to keep his gear on for this one.
7.Fiona "Mandela" Hobbs  11:29.0  F18Tooheys New, from can  The envy of female beer milers throughout the land. An impressive debut.
8. Tim "Skins" Smith   12:21.0  M19Tooheys New, from can  Was striking in his outfit, but not so striking on the track. Good to see some things never change
9. Shane "The Lep" Thiele   13:04.0  M31Tooheys New, from can  Had the weight of Ireland on his shoulders. Couldn't quite live up to the pre-race hype
10.Adam "Write a letter" Bishop  13:30.0  M25Tooheys New, from can  Still recovering months later. Hair of the dog bisho. Good to see he iced his achilles after. Soft.
11. Matt "I luv Youngy" Fallon   13:50.0  M24Tooheys New, from can  Left the Jet ski at home. Could've done with it given the wet track.
12.Matt "Lactic" Ferber  13:58.0  M21Tooheys New, from can  Arrggh. Doing pirates proud. Well, for the first lap or 2 anyway.
13. Hayden "Iguana" Cook   14:13.0  M24Tooheys New, from can  Bombed out in the main event, but ran a sub 59sec 400m plus beer some 10mins post event.
14. Chris "No" Bull   15:13.0  M22Tooheys New, from can  When he lost his hair he must've lost his strength (and beer drinking ability). Perhaps a full body shave next time??
15.Matt "Colonel Rangger" Dineen  15:45.0  M21Tooheys New, from can  First rangger home. A good effort. Your people would be proud
16. Laszlo "Greasey Pole" Dobo   16:05.0  M20Tooheys New, from can  Is this event legal? Perhaps a visit from the cops next year? A 30m pole vault run up is not adequate training for this one
17. Andrew "Blue Scope" Steele   16:08.0  M26Tooheys New, from can  Best chuck of the night. Will be remembered forever for that alone.
18. Sophie "Daughter of Nick" Evans   16:30.0  F17Tooheys New, from can  2nd chick home. 2009 might be her year.
19. Drew "36er" Sutton   17:24.0  M28Tooheys New, from can  Silky skills with the round ball. No time for that at a beer mile buddy
20. Toby "club fees" Medlin   18:52.0  M24Tooheys New, from can  The body suit left nothing to the imagination. Apparently Luke liked the look from behind.
21.Luke "Stoner" Williams  19:04.0  M29Tooheys New, from can  Wrong drugs.
22.Emma "Climb that" Hill  22:29.0  F26Tooheys New, from can  Impressive debut. Will be back for more in 09.
23. Paige "is" White   22:45.0  F20Tooheys New, from can  Is possibly still chucking. Will she ever do one of these ever again?
24. Tony "Symo" Symonds   25:10.0  M39Tooheys New, from can  The veteran of the field. Spent the time to enjoy his 4 malty ales.
25. Zoe "JFK" Kennedy   27:27.0  F25Tooheys New, from can  May It Last Forever
26. Mark "Langers" Lange   34:49.0  M28Tooheys New, from can  We're all still recovering from seeing him shirt off late in the event.
27. Brad "Knows it" Fisk   78:22.0  M18Tooheys New, from can  Clever Under Night Temperatures
28.Rhett "Horsey" Cook  78:22.0  M25Tooheys New, from can  His performance in an Austin Powers movie was far better than this effort
29. Emma "Myspace" Dobbin   DNF  F18Tooheys New, from can  Couldn't quite get the first beer down, but looked the part.
30.Jodie "Luvs the Iguana" Cook  DNF  F25Tooheys New, from can  Determined to put in a better showing in 2009. Just quietly, would want to ;-) Everyone's favourite beer miler

Race Notes:

The Beer Gods smiled upon the field with rain falling heavy before and after, but not during!
29 gutsy competitors took to the start line despite the inclement weather.

Check out the 4 part video series on You Tube. Quality viewing. This years footage included 'scooter cam'. Go here (NOW): http://www.youtube.com/user/SABeerMile

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