5th Annual River Falls Days Beer Mile
River Falls, WI

Conditions: Hot and sunny! 93 degrees

created by user jfelling

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. JD Rojas   6:31.0  M28Schmitt, from can  wanted the trophy bad!
2. James Felling   6:35.0  M33Michelob Golden Draft, from can  set the pace again
3. Shad Gausmann   7:12.0  M24Michelob Golden Draft, from can  
4. Timmy Wucherer   7:33.0  M24Linnies, from can  
5. Amy   7:50.0  F25Iced Mocha Kahlua, from can  
6.Craig Cardinal  7:58.0  M29Milwaukee's Best, from can  
7. Bill Petsch   8:06.0  M61Miller High Life, from can  
8. Nate Huneke   8:35.0  M25Hamms, from can  
9.Tim OBrien  8:40.0  M21Natural Ice, from can  
10.Jeffie Jeffie  8:52.0  M28Milwaukee's Best (Beast), from can  
11.A Hickson  9:53.0  M23Miller High Life, from can  
12.a Schreiner  10:23.0  M23Miller Genuine Draft, from can  
13. Jason Phillippi   10:26.0  M25Linnies Sampler, from can  
14. Cary Cardinal   12:10.0  M28Linnies, from can  
15.Nate McConnel  12:11.0  M23Michelob, from can  
16. Nick Zien   14:30.0  M24Schmitt, from can  
17. Bobby Hanson   19:55.0  M27Jerehmiah Weed, from can  
18. Ricky Hoffman   22:50.0  M23Miller High Life, from can  the old champ struggled again
19.Scott Degner  23:14.0  M25Linnies, from can  
20.Adam Summsner  24:13.0  M24Linnies, from can  
21.Alex Zien  37:00.0  M22Schmitt, from can  took so long the clock stopped
22.Jake Asian  37:00.0  M25Linnies, from can  
23. Scott Bowman   DNF  M23Michelob Golden Draft, from can  
24. Pat Lorentz   DNF  M33Milwaukees Best, from can  

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