Needs Your Help! has always been a non-profit entity. Its mission has been to envangelize the beer mile and to standardize its rules. It has been blessed with lots of visitors and the careful attention paid to result entries has made it what it is today. Those involved have donated their time to date, and are looking to keep it "open source" for the time being. That said, the site's growing and it's time to bring it into the 21st century.

Do you love the beer mile? Would you like to contribute your skills and time?


Artists - We need a good logo that captures the aesthetic, is original, and can be used in a number of digital arenas. Got ideas?

Graphic Designers - Do you have a background in web design? We're looking to preserve our SEO but need better colors, better icons, better interaction. We're looking for designers with a background in anything from basic layout and HTML all the way up to Javasript, AJAX/JSON, Flash, social media API's, and both client-side and server-side scripting. If you've got ideas and ability, we want to hear from you!

Marketers and Evangelists - Have ideas on how to spread the word on the race, the site, and potential offshoots? If you're a big shot in the new media / Web 2.0 world, we want you. Additionally, if you're savvy in web business and want to help start serving other community-driven sports and activities, you can have a critical hand in the shaping of the future of

Approval and Rules Committee Members - receives a lot of correspondence and a lot of "official" submissions. We need trusted peers to help decipher communication and keep the site and data up-to-date, fair, accurate, and of course, entertaining. Do you have ideas on how to do this and want to be a part? Or, do you have time to help oversee the data or interact with the beer mile community in a moderator capacity?

Photographers, Digital Video Editors, and Adventurers - We're entertaining the idea of going offline in a brave new venture and may need traditional filmmaking experience. Details will be announced if anything official surfaces.

If you're intrigued, contact us at . A background and credentials would be appreciated, but aren't essential. And, if you can't be pigeonholed into one of the categories above and have others ideas on how to contribute, let us know. Don't be intimiated if you're a college kid whose only relevant experience is Facebook stalking. We're looking for two-way discourse.

Again, we won't be making money on this in the short-term and any contributions would need to be donated. If we start accepting outside help, we'd structure an oversight committee in a way that made things fair to everyone involved. If the site grew or expanded into a profitable venture, you'd certainly get the chance to be involved and compensated fairly.

Thanks for your support!

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