9 races found:

Results   Pre Dave Dip's wedding Beermile: round 1   Thunder Bay, ON   2011-07-27   5   Unofficial
Results   2nd Annual Thunder Bay Beermile   Thunder Bay, ON   2010-04-14   10   Unofficial
Results   Merry Men Invitational   Thunder Bay, ON   2009-08-02   12   Unofficial
Results   Twilight Beermile 2009   Thunder Bay, ON   2009-04-19   17   Unofficial
Results   1st Annual Saint Patrick's Day Beer Mile   Thunder Bay, ON   2007-03-17   16   Mixed
Results   LU Championship Cup of Beermiling   Thunder Bay, ON   2004-11-20   2   Official
Results   Brown Bottled Pop Mile   Thunder Bay, ON   1997-11-15   9   Official
Results   2nd Annual Lakehead University Beer Mile   Thunder Bay, ON   1996-11-02   13   Official
Results   1st Annual Lakehead University Beer Mile   Thunder Bay, ON   1995-11-04   5   Official

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