Phil Hungerford

Notable Beer Miling Performances

#91  Official Australian Performance
#16  Official Performance Drinking Tooheys Dry
#2  Official Performance Drinking Schnitzer Brau

3 total entries found:

NameTime Date Race Location Place Sex  Age   Beer  Notes
Phil "Hungers" Hungerford   15:02.0  01-26-09     Queensland Beer Mile Championship  Brisbane, Australia 9 M 56 Crown Lager, from bottle  
Phil "Hungers" Hungerford   19:34.0  01-26-07     Queensland Beer Mile Championship  Brisbane, Australia 7 M 53 Tooheys Dry, from bottle  Cancer Survivor showing what can be done
Phillip Hungerford   12:00.0  01-26-10     Queensland Beer Mile Championship 2010  Brisbane, Australia M 57 Schnitzer Brau, from bottle  

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