Andrew Dauphinais

Notable Beer Miling Performances

#12, #48  Official Province of Manitoba, Canada Performance
#20  Official 2004 Performance
#20  Official Performance Drinking Kokanee
#15  Official Performance Drinking Pilsner
#2  Official Performance Drinking Pilsner from Bottle

17 total entries found:

NameTime Date Race Location Place Sex  Age   Beer  Notes
Andrew "Goose" Dauphinais   6:56.0  08-22-08     Manitoba 2008 Summer Beermile  Winnipeg, MB 4 M 25 Lucerne Chocolate Milk, from bottle  First Chocolate Milk Mile since '04
Andrew Dauphinais   7:08.0  08-03-07     2007 Manitoba Summer Beer Mile  Winnipeg, MB M 24 n/a, from can  Ran with only a hoola skirt on
Andrew "Goose" Dauphinais   7:08.4  08-04-07     Manitoba Summer Beer Mile Championships  Winnipeg, MB M Budweiser, from can  crossed finish line naked, wore a hawaiian hula for the whole race
Andrew "Scootsie" Dauphinais   7:11.0  03-20-10     2010 Manitoba Winter Beermile  Winnipeg, MB 6 M 26 Budweiser, from can  The movie Avatar might have come from him..made the bond during the race
Andrew Dauphinais   7:13.0  04-09-04     2nd Annual Manitoba Beer Miling Championships  Winnipeg, MB 6 M 20 Budweiser, from can  
Andrew "Scootsie" Dauphinais   7:23.0  08-02-09     Merry Men Invitational  Thunder Bay, ON 2 M 25 Budweiser, from can  Down with OPP
Andrew "Prince" Dauphinais   7:32.0  05-14-11     2011 Beerlympics Beer Mile  Saskatoon, SK 3 M Labatt 50, from bottle  3rd finisher for The Peoples Republic of Levi Strauserland thus completing the podium sweep for the team.
Andrew "Goose" Dauphinais   8:09.0  03-15-08     2008 Manitoba Winter Beermile  Winnipeg, MB 3 M Budweiser, from can  
Andrew "Scootsie" Dauphinais   8:21.0  08-25-12     Manitoba Summer Beermile 2012  Winnipeg, MB 6 M Budweiser, from can  Tried to rabbit the leader through 400. Failed.
Andrew "Goose" Dauphinais   8:35.0  03-17-07     2007 Manitoba Winter Beermile  Winnipeg, MB 6 M 23 Canadian, from can  hungover, wore safeway uniform
Andrew "Scootsie" Dauphinais   9:05.0  08-24-13     2013 Manitoba Summer Beermile  Winnipeg, MB M Budweiser  
Andrew Dauphinais   9:59.0  04-20-03     1st annual Manitoba Cup of Beer Miling  Winnipeg, MB 3 M 19 Kokanee, from can  
Andrew "scootsie" Dauphinais   14:04.0  03-19-11     2011 Manitoba Winter beermile  Winnipeg, MB 23 M 27 Pilsner, from bottle  Wore An outfit from Rocky Horror picture show that he got for half price if he wore it out of the he did.
Andrew "Goose" Dauphinais   14:47.0  08-17-07     2007 Manitoba Vodka 3000m Steeplechase  Winnipeg, MB M 24 SKY, from cup  Possible Blood Poisoning??
Andrew "Goose" Dauphinais   15:07.0  06-25-06     Manitoba Summer Beermile  Winnipeg, MB 17 M 23 Budweiser, from can  
Andrew "Scootsy" Dauphinais   16:29.0  07-25-09     2009 Manitoba Summer beermile championships  Winnipeg, MB 30 M 25 Old Milwaukee, from can  Knight of the rectangular table. Speed walked the race, while smoking a colt. Had sword fights with the other knights as they ran by him.
Andrew Dauphinais   18:59.8  02-05-05     Bison Winter Beer Mile  Winnipeg, MB 7 M 21 Budweiser, from can  Clown Suit for three laps and four beers, naked final lap

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