Notable Beer Miling Performances

#8  Official State of New York Performance
#9  Official 1999 Performance

12 total entries found:

NameTime Date Race Location Place Sex  Age   Beer  Notes
CHASE    DNF  08-16-08     Unsponsored Beermile of Bisbee '08  Bisbee, AZ 2   3 laps
Chaser    9:18.0  12-20-08     Team Cyco Suds Mile  Shreveport, LA 15 M 29 Coors, from can  also officially not here
Chase B.   10:03.0  11-01-14     7th Annual Well-Fit Beer Mile  Chicago, IL 9 M Dos Equis, from bottle  
Bill "Chillybase" Chase   13:03.0  08-24-13     1st Annual Chocolate City Beer Mile  Burlington, WI 4 M 38 Milwaukees Best Ice, from can  
Dan Chase   6:58.0  04-02-99     Plattsburgh State Invitational  Plattsburgh, NY 1 M   
Chase Gold   11:58.0  12-31-13     New Year's Eve Beer Mile  Long Island, NY 2 M 27 Shiner Bock, from bottle  penalty lap :(
Chase Hancock   7:50.0  11-28-08     Thanksgiving Beer Mile  Reno, NV M 28 Budweiser, from can  
Chase "Mr. Tolerance" Pizzonia   7:49.0  03-19-05     1st anual FCIAC beermile  Westport, CT M 19 budweiser, from can  
chase pizzonia   DNF  09-22-10     greenwich beer mile  greenwich ct modelo, from can  puke no rally
Chase Porter   12:01.0  03-17-12     2012 Manitoba Winter beermile  Winnipeg, MB 22 M kokanee, from can  
Chase Schneider   6:30.0  11-16-09     OC Bi-annual Milk Mile  McVay Track, Westerville, OH M 22 2% Chocolate Milk, from cup  
Chase "Golden Shower" Vogel   8:18.0  12-04-11     6th annual bhsu beer mile  Spearfish, SD 8   Dont eat the yellow snow

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