Dave M

Notable Beer Miling Performances

Official Province of British Colombia, Canada Performance #48
Official State of Ohio Performance #22
Official State of South Carolina Performance #48
Official State of Washington, D.C. Performance #1
Official Performance Drinking Beast #2
Official Performance Drinking Michelob, Sam Adams, Yuengling, Dos Equi #1

22 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Dave Meehan 10:29 13-Jun-2015 National Beer Mile Stadium: kilbogget park: Dublin: Ireland
3rd Irish Beer Mile Championships 2015
52 From Bottle Sierra Nevada IPA The oldest competitor on the night. Maybe the oldest competitor of all time?
Amanda "Why did we do this?" Davey 16:57 24-May-2008 Jacksonville, FL
Owen Shott 4th Annual
22 From Can Millwakue Best
Dave Demming 11:21 14-Nov-2015 Moreland Hills, OH, United States
Lucky Owl Brewing Beer Mile
35 From Bottle Budweiser
Dave Hummel 12:48 24-Jul-2014 Lancaster, PA
F and M Track Club 5th Summer Beer Mile
From Can Coors
Dave "Rookie of the Beer" M. 9:36 7-Aug-2005 Washington, DC
DC Roadrunners Chug and Purge Mile
34 From Bottle Michelob, Sam Adams, Yuengling, Dos Equi
Dave Maas 7:34 13-Dec-2004 Claremont, CA
The John Armstrong Beer Mile
21 From Can Durango
Dave Matheson 6:56 25-Nov-2007 Penticton, BC
GreyCup Mile
From Can Budweiser
Dave "davedanon" Meehan 9:02 2-Jul-2016 National Beer Mile Stadium: kilbogget park: Dublin: Ireland
4th Irish Beer Mile Championships 2015
From Bottle Moosehead
Dave Mika 15:46 21-Mar-2008 Waterloo, ON
7th Annual Spring K-W BM
From Can Laker
Dave Miles 5:40 1-Jun-1990 Loughborough, United Kingdom
Loughborough AC Chunder Mile 1990
4 pints, 4 laps
Dave "Knuckles" Milestone 19:09 3-Jun-2012 Manhattan, NY
Riverside Park Butler-McNerney Showdown I
Dave "Eurotrash" Milner 10:42 25-Jun-2011 Nashville, TN
2011 Nashville Beer Mile
40 From Can Miller High Life
Davey Mitchell 10:40 30-Sep-2005 Vancouver, BC
7th Annual Gemini Beer Mile
21 From Can Canadian Puke!
Dave Montgomery 9:21 24-Nov-2012 Haddon Heights, NJ
3rd Annual Carl Egbert is a No Show Beer Mile
42 Pabst Blue Ribbon
Dave Montgomery 10:43 26-Nov-2011 Haddon Heights, NJ
2nd Annual Carl Egbert is a No Show Beer Mile
Dave "Full GA Tech retro gear" Moritz 17:51 21-May-2005 Jacksonville, FL
Owen Shott Memorial Beer Mile
30 From Can Beast Dave took this disappointing finish harder than any ACC conference meltdown
Dave "Bill" Moyer 7:25 17-Mar-2012 State College, PA
Joe Pa Memorial
22 From Can Miller PR
Dave "Bill" Moyer 9:10 23-Mar-2012 State College, PA
Intra-Squad Meet Finale
22 From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon Blue Team
Dave Musser 10:25 21-Dec-2001 West Chester, PA
WCU Track / X-C Alumni Beer Mile
Dave Palma 12:14 15-Nov-1997 Kingston, ON
2nd Annual Kingston Fall Beer Mile
dave "The Smaynerator" smay 10:33 15-Feb-2014 Springfield, MO
Y Not Drink Beer Mile
34 From Can budweiser
Dave Williams 13:10 15-Jul-2015 1593 Oceanic Street, Charleston, SC, United States
OSR Christmas in JULY Beer Mile to Nowhere