Doug Scott

Notable Beer Miling Performances

#1  Official Performance Drinking Gold Strong

9 total entries found:

NameTime Date Race Location Place Sex  Age   Beer  Notes
Doug "Doug'er" Scott   11:01.0  04-14-10     2nd Annual Thunder Bay Beermile  Thunder Bay, ON M Budweiser, from can  One furry guy.
Doug "The Doctor" Scott   11:23.0  04-19-09     Twilight Beermile 2009  Thunder Bay, ON 9 M Old Milwaukee, from can  The Doctor impresses us once again with his drinking abilities and should be an example for us all.
Doug "Doug'er" Scott   11:50.0  08-23-14     2014 Manitoba Summer Beermile  Winnipeg, MB 23 M   Ready for the luau and the physical exam
Doug "Douger" Scott   11:54.0  07-25-09     2009 Manitoba Summer beermile championships  Winnipeg, MB 19 M Lucky, from can  Got in from churchill and went from the plain straight to the beermile
Doug "Douger" Scott   12:06.0  03-17-12     2012 Manitoba Winter beermile  Winnipeg, MB 23 M Gold Strong, from can  6.3% beer, what an awful person.
Doug Scott   16:40.0  03-21-09     2009 Manitoba Winter Beer Mile  Winnipeg, MB 24 M 43 Alpine, from can  Ran in Masters Category
Doug "Douger" Scott   17:49.0  03-20-10     2010 Manitoba Winter Beermile  Winnipeg, MB 35 M 40 Extra Old Stock, from can  This Doctor perscribes more beer.
Doug "Doug'er" Scott   26:00.0  08-02-09     Merry Men Invitational  Thunder Bay, ON 11 M 42 Molson Ex, from can  He's a doctor
Doug'er Scott   10:02.0  07-27-11     Pre Dave Dip's wedding Beermile: round 1  Thunder Bay, ON 2 M 1 Red Bull bottle, 2 cans Budweiser, 1 c  shoes: Adidas Adizero. No costume. hosted a boat race in his basement afterwards

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