Jay K

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NameTime Date Race Location Place Sex  Age   Beer  Notes
Jay "Hugh Jass" Crooker   9:05.0  12-31-07     Last Chance Beer Mile  Chapel Hill, NC M 36 Budweiser, from can  ran with bike helmet on
Jay Hussak   13:33.0  08-19-05     The 2nd Annual Ottawa Beer Mile  Ottawa, ON 9 M 23 Old Milwaukee, from can  That was a lot harder than I expected
Jay "chair banger" K   13:47.0  01-31-10     UHHH 2010 Beer mile  Greenville, S.C. M 35 icehouse, from can  
DeeJay "Six Pack" KENNEDY   13:58.0  08-09-14     Southland Beer Mile Champs  Invercargill, Southland New Zealand M 21 Tui Pilsner, from bottle  
Jay Koloseus   4:58.6  11-22-09     2009 National's Milk Mile  Terre Haute, Indiana 4 M Chocolate Milk, from cup  
Jay "Rusty" Rustulka   10:48.0  01-04-11     6 Pack Running Club - 2nd (Annual) Beer Mile  Vancouver, BC M Granville Island Pale Ale, from can  
Jay "Rusty" Rustulka   DNF  12-08-09     6-Pack Running Club - 1st (Annual?) Beer Mile  Vancouver, BC   

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